About me



Hi, I’m Julie

Passionate about Technology ● Fuelled by creativity ● Driven by challenges

I am what people usually call a “geek”. I am fond of technology and have been playing video games since I was 4 (hello floppy disks!). And my phone is a bearly known brand in Europe, only sold in China, that I imported from Hong-Kong… Yeah, I may be a bit crazy too.

I hate stagnation and I am a convinced self-learner, always on the lookout for the very last trend, technology or tool that could make my friends’ life or mine easier. Plus, I love to create, experiment and learn new stuff like creating a video game or an e-commerce business. I learned to code and to work with Adobe Creative Suite applications on my own at my parents’ house when I was 14.

I have several experiences as Marketing & Communication Manager and Digital Manager. Now I am looking for new challenges and a happy welcoming company where I could bring my skills and my awesome sense of humor.

If you recognized yourself or your company in these few lines don’t hesitate to get in touch. Geeks don’t bite, and they may actually wear high heels sometimes (well, some of them!).