About me



Hi, I’m Julie

Passionate about Technology ● Fuelled by creativity ● Driven by challenges

I am said to be a geek and a builder. Why? Because I am fond of technology and have played video games since I was 4 (hello floppy disks!), and because I love creating, launching new projects and enhancing what already exists.

I hate stagnation and I am a convinced self-learner, always on the lookout for the very last technology or marketing tool. There is nothing better than learning new methods, skills or concepts by yourself. I put this in practice along my experiences by learning to code and to work with Adobe Creative Suite applications on my own. My next challenge is to get familiar with User Experience design & the Growth Hacking mindset and tools.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any opportunity, question or comment. And yes, in case you ever wondered, you can be a geek AND wear high heels!

► Project management
► Brand strategy
► New Product Development and Launch
► Marketing Analysis
► Digital marketing & e-commerce